A long time ago

The elders of our Dreaming Tribe discovered that the feeling of ecstasy is at the heart of the universe. They began to experiment and discover different and natural ways to tap into the feeling of awe and oneness until one day, Ecstasy Yoga was born.

It was created as a need to feel closer to the pulse of the universe, a practice that could be shared with others if perfected. A way to liberate others from the wheel of time, and expand into the vastness of eternity.

Carefully, bit by bit, the practice began to unfold. First one stretch, then another, music was introduced, and breathing was deepened until the practice was perfected.

The elders spent aeons in absolute ecstasy, flowing with the heartbeat of the ALL. At their core they were changing, they were feeling a sense of connectedness not experienced by another in the cosmos.

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They began to realize that ecstasy, is a fundamental part of growth, and made a plan to spread it throughout the cosmos. They found that the only way to multiply your strength to think, to create, or to command matter to your obedience, such as commanding your body to health or commanding masterly achievement by control over your body, is to multiply the awareness of the ALL.

So messengers were sent in disguise, they were instructed to give love, and not things, to share experience, and instructions were given on the ancient art of Ecstasy Yoga. A combination of Yoga, Pranayama, and Music. A practice that is in a constant state of flow and a deepening of the experiencer.

Instructions and maps were given out in order to help others, and we have been trusted to carry out the wishes of the star people, the ones who delivered the message of Ecstasy and Love.

This is Ecstasy Yoga, the most cosmic yoga experience in the known galaxy. Right here, on earth.

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