Temple Of Creativity

The Creative Adult Is The Child Who Survived – Ursula Le Guin

Here is where you are the artist, curator and canvas at A Midsummer’s Dream. Making this summer festival, one of the most beloved summer festivals in Ontario.

Wander into our euphoric D.I.Y. craft culture world, curated by The Hamilton Art Scene, where we supply the materials for you to enhance and shape your dreaming experience.

Embrace Your Inner Artist

Use our supplied craft materials to create your own masterpiece, and live in your own world, where you create whatever you like directly from your imagination.

Newspaper Kites

Kite Flying can be traced back to 3,000 years ago, and it is difficult where they originated from.

Most cultures associated Kites with sending their prayers up to the heavens, so they would believe that kite flying was a sacred practice of connecting themselves with the universe.

Inside the Temple Of Creativity we have hundreds of newspapers ready to be turned into kites and sent up to the heavens so your wishes can come true.

Psychedelic Snowflakes

Free yourself from limitation and the ordinary. Create your own “stained glass” psychedelic snowflake. With our construction paper and multi coloured tissue paper, the psychedelic snowflake represents the mandala, a symbol in a dream, that represents the dreamers search for completeness and wholeness.

Tye Dye T-Shirts – $10

Create your own Tye Dye Shirt in the Temple of Creativity using our supplied T-Shirts and Tye Dyes. Create your own unique and personal funky design.

Stranger Portraits

Come have a seat, meet and greet a new friend.

Sit down on opposite sides of a table with a stranger, pick up a pen and draw/paint them.

As you draw one another you will have the opportunity to get to know them through the process of using our (if needed) interview questions to break the ice.

At the end, each person will take home a small portrait of themselves and make a new friend.

But, just in case you are too shy for that, you can just space out and doodle… 😉

Dreaming Tribe Jewellery

Create your own Dreaming Tribe Jewellery to wear using our supplied craft materials. Our dreaming tribe is some of the most creative people around, and the creations they make are pure magic. Embrace your own magic and create your personal Dreaming Tribe Jewellery.

BUT, those are just the beginning! Explore our plethora of art supplies and amaze us with your Creativity, your brilliance. So shine on you crazy light beam.

Giving Back

We also believe in giving back, so in spirit of A Midsummer’s Dream we will be donating all of our creative materials to inner city schools.

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